Assembly – Nebula

CLEARANCE - All 50mm Clencher Motor Mount Systems marked down


Correct assembly of the Clencher motor mount system is crucial to ensuring proper function and longevity. Following the directions below, and you'll be all squared away. If you do have any issues, please reach out to us through the contact page or through instagram and we'll help get you back on the road as soon as possible. 

Stripping the truck
Begin by turning your board upside down. Save yourself a backache and do this on a table or workbench. Strip the rear truck by removing both belt covers, wheels, pulleys, belts, and motor mounts. Depending on your deck and the length of the wires, you may need to set the motors on something so the wires are not stressed while they sit unmounted. 

Attaching the first mount
Choose one of the mounts to attach first. Do so by sliding the mount over the hanger and inserting three of the six M5 screws into the outer face of the mount, anchoring each into a nylon lock nut on the inside face of the hanger mounting flange. Do NOT tighten these screws. They must be left loose for now to ensure fit of the handle.

Attach the first motor to the mount you just loosely fastened to the hanger with the M4 screws and washers. Again, do NOT tighten these screws just yet, as you will need to tighten them later when you set your belt tension. 

Repeat the attachment process from above for the other mount and motor, once again leaving all screws loose. Attaching this motor will be a tight fit, so take care not to scratch the mount or damage the motors or motor pulley.

Attaching the handle
Attach the handle to one mount by removing the bumper and inserting one of the two M5 flathead screws through the outside face of the mount and into the hole in the handle. Tighten this screw. Adding some blue thread locker to these two screws is suggested, but not required. Tighten the screws fastening this mount to the truck. Start with the screw closest to the rear of the board. Tighten each screw a little at a time. These steps will help prevent uneven tightening of these three screws.

Finishing up
Repeat the above tightening process for the other mount. Insert the last remaining screw through this mount and into the handle, first applying blue thread locker if available. Cap off both mounts by sliding on the urethane bumpers. Give each bumper a squeeze to make sure the detent tabs properly seat into the grooves.

Contemplate how you got along without a Clencher all this time. On a serious note, if you have any issues or questions, please contact us so we can help. Once you've had a chance to put it to the test, we want to hear what you think - good or bad.